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Air Conditioning System Maintenance (Efficiency = Saving & Green Tehcnology)

At County Cooling we take the time & care to keep your system running effectively & efficiently. Here are just some of the things we do on our maintenance visits:  

* Check for refrigerant leak (locating leak additional)
* Check coil temperatures
* Check blower belt, tension and allignment  
* Replace air filter with high efficient media
* Inspect and clean condensate pump
* Check evaporator
* Clean condenser coil
* Check thermostat operation
* Lubricate all parts as necessary
Home Cooling Preventative Maintenance Extends Product Life and reduces your Carbon Footprint

 *Reduces Energy Costs
 *Extends Life of all aspects of your Cooling System
 *Improves System Safety
 *Helps prevent Costly Cost of System Breakdowns
Mini Split Air Conditioners
The benefits of Mini Split Air Conditioners are their ability to heat or cool individual rooms without wasting energy on vacant space. Each individual room has it’s own thermostat that can be maintained only when anyone is occupying the room to save you energy and money.
Finally, when you are looking to save money, Mini Splits are an affordable choice for 2 reasons. They cost less than Central AC Systems up front, and because there're no ducts, you can save up to 30% of your energy (that normally leaks through these ducts) on your cooling bills.